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When it comes to repairing curb rash and restoring the pristine appearance of your wheels, trust the unparalleled expertise of My Wheel Doctor. Our commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and advanced repair techniques set us apart as the go-to destination for curb rash repair


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Restoring the Beauty of Your Wheels with Precision at My Wheel Doctor

Welcome to My Wheel Doctor, your trusted destination for professional curb rash repair services. We understand the frustration of unsightly curb damage on your wheels, and that's why our expert technicians are dedicated to bringing back the beauty and integrity of your wheels with precision and care.

Why Choose Curb Rash Repair at My Wheel Doctor?

  • Flawless Restoration: Our skilled technicians have mastered the art of curb rash repair, ensuring a flawless restoration of your wheels. Using advanced techniques and tools, we meticulously remove scratches, scuffs, and dents caused by curb contact, transforming your damaged wheels into pristine works of art.

  • Attention to Detail: We believe that every wheel deserves the utmost attention to detail. Our technicians carefully assess the extent of the curb rash, identifying the best approach to repair the damage. We address not only the visible scratches but also any underlying structural issues to guarantee a comprehensive and long-lasting solution.

  • Seamless Color Matching: We understand the importance of a seamless appearance. Our experts have an eye for color and utilize industry-leading techniques to match the paint or finish of your wheels precisely. The result is a flawless blend that restores the original beauty and cohesiveness of your vehicle's overall look.

  • Structural Integrity Assessment: Curb rash can compromise the structural integrity of your wheels. At My Wheel Doctor, we prioritize your safety. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections to identify any hidden damage and ensure that your wheels maintain their strength and functionality after the repair process.

  • Timely and Efficient Service: We value your time and strive to provide timely and efficient service. With our streamlined processes and skilled team, we aim to complete the curb rash repair within a reasonable timeframe, getting you back on the road with restored wheels sooner.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the results, we will work diligently to address any concerns and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Say goodbye to the eyesore of curb rash and restore the pristine look of your wheels with our curb rash repair services.

Trust the expertise of My Wheel Doctor to deliver exceptional results, impeccable attention to detail, and a seamless repair that will leave your wheels looking brand new.

At My Wheel Doctor, we take pride in our expertise and meticulous approach to the curb rash repair process. When you choose us, you can expect a seamless and professional experience from start to finish. Here's how we handle curb rash repairs:

Expert Assessment:

Our skilled technicians begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your damaged wheel. They carefully examine the extent of the curb rash, identifying any underlying structural issues and determining the most suitable repair method.

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Precision Cleaning:

We understand the importance of a clean surface for effective repairs. Our team meticulously cleans the wheel, removing dirt, debris, and loose fragments from the damaged area. This ensures a pristine surface for the repair process.

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Skillful Sanding:

Using specialized sanding tools and techniques, our technicians skillfully sand down the damaged area. They work diligently to smooth out any sharp edges or rough spots caused by the curb rash, preparing the surface for the next steps.

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Flawless Filling

If the curb rash has caused deeper scratches or dents, our experts apply a high-quality filler material to fill in the damaged area. With meticulous precision, they shape and smooth the filler to match the contour of the wheel, ensuring a seamless repair.

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Professional Priming:

To enhance adhesion and durability, we apply a primer to the repaired area. Our technicians carefully coat the surface with primer, providing a solid foundation for the paint that follows.

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Customized Painting:

Our experienced team matches the original color of your wheel and expertly applies a precisely matched paint. Using professional techniques and top-quality paint products, we ensure an even and seamless application that blends seamlessly with the rest of the wheel.

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Protective Clear Coat:

To safeguard the repaired area and provide a glossy finish, we apply a clear coat over the paint. This layer of protection enhances the appearance and durability of the wheel, ensuring a long-lasting and flawless result.

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Finishing Touches:

Our meticulous attention to detail extends to the final steps of the process. Our technicians carefully inspect the repaired wheel, checking for any remaining imperfections. If necessary, they perform additional buffing and polishing to achieve a flawless finish across the entire wheel.

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Abby Elaine

I came in to get my wheels fixed and Lucas DID AMAZING!! I didn’t know my stuff but he educated me very well, positive attitude and great customer service! Definitely will recommend anyone to come here and ask for him!!

Kendrick Fears

Wooooowwww - this place is crazy! I bent my swanger this morning on the freeway. Called Jimmy-he said come on in! Not only did they fix it, they fixed it in less than 2 hours!!! Thanks Tracy & Jimmy!

Patricia Kettlewell

Curb rash cured ! Thank you Jimmy and all y’all that worked on my Fiat wheel yesterday. We called to confirm they were open for business, went in a few days later, and the men took care of us with great expertise, quick service, and very friendly. Pros. I recommend highly.

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